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Space to Work in Leeds
A new coworking experience tailored around you

Exclusively designed from understanding your needs, providing you with a dynamic and inspiring workspace to focus on task driven work, with the opportunity to network and socialise in a communal working environment. Space to Work results in productivity.

Space for Wellbeing

Supporting a stress-free,happier, and healthier environment
for a more productive working day.

- Ergonomic design

- Amazing acoustics

- Biophilia/clean air

- Natural light

- Rural area

- Free onsite parking

Space Flexed to You

Providing you with a choice of space to compliment the way you want to work, with flexible terms to fit your needs.

- Flexible contractual agreements

- Flexible space

- Flexible setup

Space to

Our robust infrastructure focuses on the tech details, so you can achieve your greatest work easily and efficiently.

- Ultra-fast and secure WiFi

- Audio & video conferencing

- Screen sharing technology

- High quality air conditioning

- Power and USB outlets

Space with
Great Service

Offering you a premium service experience, our team are on hand to ensure you feel both comfortable and welcome.

- Friendly hello and guest check in

- Concierge service

- Dedicated housekeeping

- Inclusive teas and coffees

- Flexible catering options

- Exclusive member events

All our workspaces are Covid-19 safe, with a number of health and safety measures in place to ensure you feel comfortable in coming to the office.

Achieve more by finding
your perfect space

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Our Space to Work options include:

The WorkHub
Work and stay solo


Enjoy a shared environment designed totally for focused work. This workspace is ideal if you need to concentrate on work in a quiet and comfortable environment with no distractions.

  • Hot desk or dedicated desk
  • Desk dividers

The Lounge
Work and stay social

Phone Chair

This communal coworking space has been designed to enable you to network while working. This space is ideal for anyone working on individual tasks but enjoys being part of a social environment.

  • Workstation pod
  • Shared work bench desk
  • Phone chair

Achieve more by finding
your perfect space

By clicking the 'Contact Us' button, you agree you have read and understood our Privacy Policy.

Trying to concentrate while working from home was starting to become increasingly harder for me, I needed to find a solution that I could tap into on an ad-hoc basis that allowed me to get my head down and really focus. Space to Work has been so beneficial for my business I’ve been able to access it when I want without having to commit to a lengthy contract and the various spaces I have access to is great. I love the variety and the open space and natural light it really makes a difference and a pleasure to work from.

- Sandy Noble, Click Ignite

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